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Resuscitation Bags

Resuscitators with integrated STAT-Check CO2 indicator

Nasal Cannula System
Nasal Cannula System for CPAP & Bi-Level therapy

Universal Circuit - UC1000
Universal Circuit for CPAP & Bi-Level therapy

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Ventlab designs and manufactures medical devices used in anesthesia, respiratory care, critical care and emergency medical services. Ventlab products are available through a national network of stocking distributors specializing in critical care and EMS products.

We offer a total range of OEM services. We can take products from initial concept to the design and engineering phase. The process is then completed with our manufacturing and marketing services. For more details, please visit our services page.


  • Ventlab Introduces New CO2 Detection StatCheck II™ Device
  • Ventlab is happy and proud to announce a “new and improved” version of our StatCheck™ CO2 indicator. The new StatCheck II™ follows the popular convention of “PURPLE to BEIGE to YELLOW” color change. Our previous version changed from White to Purple. Effective immediately, Ventlab’s StatCheck II™ products will turn from PURPLE to BEIGE to YELLOW, instead of White to Purple. Check out the announcement for more clinical advantages.
  • Ventlab introduces the AirFlow Resuscitation Bag.
  • Use of this product increases the protection and safety of your staff by including a bacterial/viral filter on the exhalation port while an optional inspiratory manometer improves patient outcomes.
  • View the various sizes offered on our Resuscitation Systems page.
  • Ventlab introduces the Nasal Cannula System.
  • Use of this product offers the benefits needed to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction while enhancing patient mobility.
  • Learn more about both the hospital and home health care versions on our Nasal Cannula System page.
  • View the Nasal CPAP Cannula fitting and informational video.
  • Ventlab introduces Hyperinflation System with integral manometer.
  • Use of this product will increase the margin of safety with instant, accurate built-in pressure readings.
  • Read more about it on our Hyperinflation Systems page.
  • Ventlab introduces STAT-Check line of CO2 indicators.
  • Learn more by visiting our Resuscitation Systems page.
  • Ventlab introduces Universal Circuit for CPAP & Bi-Level therapy.
  • Our circuit is the most universal single limb circuit on the market.
    Learn more about the Universal Circuit.
  • View and/or save a copy of the Ventlab Catalog.
  • Feel free to download our catalog in .pdf format. It's over 50 pages so it may take 4-5 minutes or longer to download. Save it when you're done.